HS Core

What We Offer

  • 35 hours of instruction per class
  • 3 in class tests: Diagnostic, Midterm, and Final Test, for better progress tracking
  • Engaging teachers
  • Interactive face-to-face classes with live virtual access
  • Unlimited access to Maya Prep portal for class notes and homework
  • Personalized attention to each student via classroom interactions and parent-student-teacher conferences
  • Adherence to COVID safety protocol


Our unique, tried and tested methods make students stress free and confident.


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Our HS Core classes are specially designed to help 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students make the academic transition to the rigor of high school curriculum.

We combine curriculum from English, Writing, Reading, Math, and Science to help students build confidence and skill in all subject areas.

Maya Prep coaches its students in presentation, debate, and public speaking skills. These are fundamental social skills to have in high school, and are even more important in college and the workforce.

The program gently introduces students to SAT and ACT material.

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