Why Maya Prep

personalized attention

The college admissions process is complex and intimidating. We offer personalized attention, in one on one sessions. We have read hundreds of students’ applications, and we have seen firsthand what aspects of students’ profiles led to colleges acceptance.

Track Record

MayaPrep team has helped students for more than a decade. Many of our students get accepted to prestigious universities such as Harvard, Columbia, CalTech, Northwestern, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, University of Michigan, UC Berkley, Stanford, Wayne State, Michigan State, and Cornell.

Roadmap to your Dream College

Profile Assessment

We will evaluate the student’s profile on several parameters including the student’s academic ambitions, career aspirations and identifying long term goals.

Expert Planning​

We will assist you in compiling a list of universities and its prerequisites based on the student’s goals.

Application Strategy​

We will collaborate on your application while taking your experiences and characteristics to produce an appealing narrative.

Essay / Statement Of Purpose​

Maya Prep will help you create appealing essays that best reflect your personal story and help your application stand out. We do not limit our services to a set number of hours or essay revisions.


We will assist you in precisely highlighting your accomplishments in your resume as well as practice interviewing skills. Our interview preparation methods have benefited 3,000+ of our students.

Financial Planning​​

Maya Prep provides clarity regarding financial aid paths and methods to optimize your college costs. We help parents in navigating the FAFSA application process and have $1,000,000+ college scholarships earned as of now.

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The College Admissions process is very complex and intimidating for parents and students. With more students applying to universities, it is vital that your application stands out. The Maya Prep team has helped 3,000+ students with their applications for over a decade, and we have seen firsthand which aspects of their profiles led to acceptance letters. We counsel students on resume creation, essay ideation and revisions, college interview preparation and navigating the FAFSA application process. Maya Prep is deeply invested in each and every student achieving their individual goals.

Having a compelling college application might mean the difference between getting into a college versus getting into your dream school.

Good essays can also mean the difference between paying for your college versus getting a life-changing scholarship.

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What Our Students / Parents Say

I cannot express how grateful we are for your involvement and support in this long and difficult process. You went way and beyond to answer our questions. Every email was responded , every phone call was returned immediately, every single time. I went to so many meetings at school for college application process and they were very generic. Lora's college application seminar was so precise and helpful. And finally Kaan followed Lora’s inputs for his essay and it turn out to be very interesting and to the point.
- Ebru Gurun
Photo & Food Stylist