Motivating Excellence.

A life of passion for education

Our Vision

All students are admitted to their dream schools.

We know that a high test score can literally translate into scholarship dollars and be a significant decision point to admissions counselors so we are motivated to provide you the advantage you need to succeed.

Our Mission

Motivating excellence through a lifelong education mindset. 
Maya Prep keeps class sizes purposefully small to engage and motivate students. Our program is based on positive yet highly rigorous test-driven training. We focus heavily on mastery of the essential academic material while preparing our students with expert test-taking strategies which will help you conquer the SAT or ACT.


We are obsessed with making our students reach their true potential and succeed.
Due to the increasingly tough competition, the acceptance rates at top schools in the U.S. continue to decline each year making a stand-out test score more and more elusive. This creates a rift between those few students who have invested the time and continuous effort preparing and the many who have not. Programs like Maya Prep are designed to level the playing field and help your student bring their best on test day.
Lora Cimpean - Maya Prep Founder
Prabodh Deshmukh Maya Prep Founder

What We're All About​

We deliver quality and interactive learning experience.
We develop critical and individual thinking.
We offer an inclusive environment.
We believe in problem based and collaborative learning.

Lora & Prabodh



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