Loredana Cimpean


With 99 percentile GMAT score and a High Distinction MBA graduate from University of Michigan, Ross School of Business, Lora is an IT Executive who loves to help students achieve their true potential. Apart from education, she is passionate about playing and cooking with her kids. She’s also loves to connect with teenagers.
Prabodh Deshmuklh


With 99 percentile GMAT score and a High Distinction MBA graduate from University of Michigan, Ross School of Business, Prabodh is an IT Executive who loves to teach High School students. In his spare time, Prabodh loves to play golf and listen to world music while taking long walks.
Samuel Maya Prep Teacher


Samuel is Lead Tutor at Maya Prep. He holds a degree in comparative literature from Brown University and has 10+ years of experience in education. He teaches SAT and junior high classes and designs curricula and tests. He also assists with admissions consulting, focusing in particular on helping students take their writing to the next level. In his free time, Samuel enjoys traveling, learning foreign languages, and playing strategy games like chess and stratego.
Parag Dixit - Maya Prep


Parag is a MBA from Kellogg School of Management. He also has Masters & Bachelor’s degrees in Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute & IIT Bombay respectively. Parag works as a Director in a large bank. His real passion is teaching high school students and making them successful .

Akshu Maya Prep Teacher


Akshu is a high school senior at the IA, and has been working at Maya Prep since July 2023 now. He works with the Cranbrook HUB program, teaching SAT classes in math and English on Saturdays for juniors and seniors at Cranbrook. In his free time, he enjoys making, writing, and playing music.
George Maya Prep Teacher


George is an Engineering Technical Specialist in the Electrification Propulsion Systems organization and was a Lead Talent Scout for Product Development at General Motors. He has a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University. He teaches 8th and 9th grade, as well as leading Career Coaching at Maya Prep. In his free time, he enjoys recording and producing audio and video of live musical performances.
Shlok Maya Prep Teacher


Shlok is a 12th grader at Plymouth High School with a passion for learning and teaching. He currently works with the juniors in the HUB program at Cranbrook, teaching SAT prep material. When he is not in the classroom, he enjoys reading, art, math, and coding.
Meghna Maya Prep Teacher


Meghana is a current senior at Stevenson High School, planning to major in mechanical engineering in college. She has been a tutor for Maya Prep for six months, leading extra-help sessions for students studying for the SAT. She spends her free time playing badminton competitively and the drums for fun.


Bianca Maya Prep


Bianca is a recent graduate from the University of San Diego, with a BBA in Marketing and a minor in French. She strategizes and executes the Marketing campaigns, as well as manages the Maya Prep brand on our Social Media platforms. In her free time, she enjoys learning languages, reading, and playing the Piano and Cello.
Prathik Maya Prep


Prathik is a current sophomore at Michigan State University, double majoring in Supply Chain Management and Economics. He works as an administrator, supporting Maya Prep. He spends his free time playing basketball and soccer with his friends.


Om holds a master’s in science from Pune University. He manages the digital infrastructure and digital marketing initiatives that promote Maya Prep’s products and services. Om enjoys travelling.