Empowering High School Students Through Hackathons & Seminars​

We’re dedicated to empowering the next generation through innovative educational initiatives. Step into Maya Prep’s world of community impact, where every initiative tells a story of empowerment and opportunity.

Walled Lake District High School Hackathons

Fueling creativity and innovation, our annual high school hackathons have been inspiring young minds since 2016. Our hackathons have been a breeding ground for groundbreaking projects, from AI music composition, to climate controlled greenhouses. Watch the magic unfold in our Walled Lake TV announcement video.

Geisler Middle School CompSci Enrichment


At Maya Prep, we believe in nurturing curiosity from a young age. Our middle school enrichment program introduces students to the wonders of computer science, igniting a lifelong passion for technology through hands-on learning and hackathon competitions. Maya Prep has decided to start exposing students to CS concepts in middle school using guided discovery, hands-on learning, & a hackathon competition with cash prizes. This ignites their passion for CS, and prepares them for future success in a field full of opportunities to advance your career.


Cranbrook HUB (Higher Upward Bound) program SAT


Bridging the gap to higher education, Maya Prep proudly supports the HUB program. For students with dreams beyond their circumstances, Maya Prep is a beacon of hope. Through our SAT program at Cranbrook HUB, we’ve witnessed remarkable score improvements, as students defy odds and reach for the stars.

Free SAT classes for Walled Lake school district students

Investing in our community’s future, we offer free SAT classes annually to high school students in the Walled Lake School District. Hundreds of students since 2011 have benefited from these invaluable sessions, equipping them for college success.

Free College Admission Seminars

Maya Prep has conducted numerous free College Admissions seminars covering topics such as College Application Process & Strategies, College Application Essay Writing Strategies, and College Financial Aid Overview. These have benefited hundreds of students and their parents.

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Walled Lake School District Hackathon

March - May 2024

Maya Prep CompSci

Geisler Middle School CompSci Enrichment

March - May 2024

Cranbrook HUB (Higher Upward Bound) program SAT

September 2023 to May 2024


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