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Proven academic strategies


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Assess & personalize
We continuously assess the student’s progress and provide personalized improvement plans.

Our program is based on positive yet highly rigorous interactive test-driven training.

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Course design with homework, tests, weekly reports and parent-teacher meetings
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We believe there is excellence in every student and we motivate the students to reach their full potential.

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Live Online Classes via zoom
Over 60+ hours of online coaching
Proctored remote 30 SAT tests
Access to 100+ hour of recorded sessions
Extra Help Sessions
Weekly 2 hrs face-to-face with unlimited whatsapp group doubt sessions. Math, Reading, and Writing refresher sessions just before the SAT test date
Maya Prep are designed to help your student bring their best on test day.
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Why Study in USA ?

USA is the number one destination for international students. With most popular of top ranked universities in the world, US universities and colleges offer a wide range of courses in all academic fields. Engineering, Math, Computer Sciences and Business Management are some of the most popular subjects among international students.

Everything you need to know about USA Studies & SAT®

All information about SAT®

SAT® Exam Preparation

Top universities in USA


The full-form of SAT is Scholastic Aptitude Test.The SAT is a widely accepted standardized college admission test that helps Colleges assess your academic ability and potential in comparison with the rest of the applicants in your graduating class across the world. Since the test is standardized, it helps level the playing field so that students from all backgrounds have an equal chance to succeed.
  • It’s a requirement: Most universities require a standardized test score (either SAT or ACT) as part of the college application.
  • Scholarships: Many universities use your SAT score to see if they can provide you with merit-based scholarships.
  • Both exams are widely accepted by U.S. colleges.ACT includes a Science section. SAT includes one SAT Math Section. We reccomend taking both the SAT and ACT.
    Diagnose your skills early. Four to six months to practice the skills on the test.We recommend taking at least one fully-timed practice test toward the beginning of your studying, and one toward the end.

    We are always available to help. Check out our SAT Prep Courses.

    Each section is marked in the range of 200-800 points, and the final score ranges from 400-1600. Moreover, the written essay is scored on a scale of 0-24 and varies incrementally.
    Although you can take the SAT as many times as you want, we recommend that you take it at least 2 times, and no more than 3 or 4 times.
    You can register online at Make sure you check the registration deadline well in advance.
    Take the PSAT or SAT practice test at the beginning of the eleventh class to get a starting score. Figure out target SAT score based on the average SAT score at the most competitive school on the list of shortlisted colleges. Start studying either during eleventh class or beginning of twelfth class

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