Java Bootcamp

Java Bootcamp

Class Duration: 1 week boot camp
Class Type: In-Person & Online
Number Of Students: 10 ( In Person )
Homework: Yes
Class Dates: Aug 8-12
Time: Mon-Fri 9a-4p


/ week


Java boot camp for 8th-12th graders

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8 AugIntroduction and Java Data TypesJava Key features, Running Java program,
OOO Concepts, Variable, Data Types
9 AugJava Methods, Classes and Decision StatementsClass and method definitions, Boolean Expressions,
if/else Constructs, switch Statement
10 AugLoop Constructs and Creating Classesfor, while and do-while Loops, Creating a Class,
Instantiating Objects, Constructors,
Overloading Methods,
Object Interaction and Encapsulation,
Static Variables and Methods
11 AugArrays, Exceptions, Data Storage and RetrievalOne-dimensional Arrays, Array Lists,
Exception Handling – Catching and Throwing,
Debugging Concepts and Techniques,
Saving/Retrieving to/from file/database
12 AugCoding for projectCoding and Students presentation