What We Offer

  • 16 hours of instruction per module
  • 3 modules: static web pages, dynamic web pages, Java and MySQL
  • Weeklong summer bootcamp
  • Engaging teachers
  • Interactive face-to-face classes with live virtual access
  • Personalized attention to each student via classroom interactions and parent-student-teacher conferences
  • Adherence to COVID safety protocol

Why Learn Java?

Java has been and will continue to be the industry standard. For over two decades, Java developers have been sought out across industries, and that is no coincidence.

Being a skilled java developer is a golden ticket to many job opportunities, including web and mobile app development. Students who plan on a career in computer science should seriously consider picking up Java.

Our bootcamp and class offer very flexible and personalized instruction with the goal of helping every student, no matter at what level, develop his or her coding skills dramatically. We empower our students to become lifelong creators in their own right.

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