HS Planning

What We Offer

  • Review students’ strengths and interests
  • Discuss students’ dreams and academic ambitions
  • Identify students’ medium and long-term goals
  • Craft a personalized path that will help students achieve their goals
  • Plan the coursework for freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior year students to optimize their time and studies
  • Learn from safe place

Maya Prep is deeply invested in each and every student achieving his or her individual goals.

Having a strong HS Curriculum might mean the difference between getting into a college versus getting into your dream school.

Balanced extracurricular activities can also mean the difference between paying for your college versus getting a life-changing scholarship.


High school can be an exciting four-year journey, and Maya Prep team is here to assist students in navigating it.

The Maya Prep team has helped students for a decade now. We have met with hundreds of students, and we have seen firsthand what aspects of students’ profiles led to elite colleges acceptance.

We counsel students in choosing their curriculum, we help them plan when they will be taking the SAT and/or ACT, and we help find extracurricular activities that are the right fit.

We offer personalized attention, in one on one sessions.

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