Middle School

Maya Advantage

Maya Prep is proud to provide a special class for 7th and 8th grade students designed to build their skills and confidence in English, Reading, Writing, Math, and Science. We want to provide your middle schooler a solid foundation in these critical areas to ensure that they are well prepared for the rigors of High School academics as well as SAT and ACT test content.

This will be an ongoing course where every class will be 1 hour long, split equally between lecture/instruction and exercises.

Each month we will focus on one of the following subjects:

  •     1. English (Grammar and Vocabulary)
  •     2. Reading (Strategies, Comprehension, and Speed)
  •     3. Writing (Essays and Written Communication)
  •     4. Math (Pre-Algebra, Elementary Algebra, and Introduction to Geometry)
  •     5. Science (Fundamentals of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology)
  • Maya Prep offers:
  • Interactive face-to-face classes
  • Professional and relevant instruction
  • Virtual access to live classes
  • Specially crafted study material
  • Regularly Graded homework
  • Weekly score progression feedback
  • In-Person or remote conferences with parents and students
  • Course Schedule

    Novi Class-1 (Sundays : 11am - 12 pm)
    Dates Subject Topic
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