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We provide 60 hours test driven training that motivates students to get the best score they deserve. We assign highly relevant weekly graded homework to help ensure that students exceed competency in all areas of the test. Scored and analyzed exams are provided to build confidence with the test-taking experience.

Our students have been admitted to MIT, Columbia University, University of Michigan (LSA, Engg, & Ross), Northwestern (including direct Medical program), Cornell, UC Berkeley, Notre Dame, Case Western, Michigan State, Wayne State (Med Stat Program), Purdue, University of Virginia, University of Chicago, UC Santa Barbara, and other fine universities...

Maya Prep Offers:

  • Interactive face-to-face classes crafted to empower the best experience on test day.
  • Virtual access to live classes.
  • In-person or remote one-on-one sessions.
  • Numerous students with 99.xx percentile.
  • Highly engaged admissions counseling.
  • Specially crafted study material.
  • Composite score improvement of 5 Points.
  • Course Schedule

    Novi (Saturdays : 3-6 pm)
    Dates Subject Topic
    21, Oct Full Length Test (1 of 3) All Sections
    28, Oct English Basic Grammar
    4, Nov Math Algebra (1 of 2)
    11, Nov Reading Fiction and Humanities
    18, Nov Science Strategies and Drills
    25, Nov Thanksgiving
    2, Dec English Sentence Structure
    9, Dec Math Algebra (2 of 2)
    16, Dec Reading Social science and Natural Sciences
    23, Dec Christmas
    30, Dec New Year's
    6, Jan Science Strategies and Drills
    13, Jan Essay Essay Writing Strategies and Drills
    20, Jan Full Length Test (2 of 3) All sections
    27, Jan English Punctuation
    3, Feb Math Geometry
    10, Feb Reading Strategies and Drills
    17, Feb Science Strategies and Drills
    24, Feb English Rhetorical skills
    3, Mar Math Cordinate Geometry
    10, Mar Reading Strategies and Drills
    17, Mar Science Strategies and Drills
    24, Mar Math Review Drills
    31, Mar Jeopardy Competition All Sections
    7, Apr Full Length Test (3 of 3) All sections

    About the ACT

    ACT Information

    Overview :

    Most popular college entrance exam accepted and valued by all universities and colleges in the United States. It is based on high school study and provides personalized information about students strengths.

    Exam Pattern :

    Multiple-choice questions provide a set of answer options from which the student must select the correct or the best-fit answer. On a multiple-choice question, there will be four answer options lettered A, B, C, and D. Only one of these will be correct.

    Exam length :

    2 hours 55 minutes. 40-minute optional essay.

    Score :

    Total Score: 1 - 36. A calculator is allowed on the entire Math section. This test suits students who are comfortable with science passages.

    ACT Specifications


    60 Minutes     60 Questions

    Eight reporting categories are addressed in the mathematics test.

    Preparing for Higher Math (57–60%) | Number & Quantity (7–10%) | Algebra (12–15%) | Functions (12–15%) | Geometry (12–15%) | Statistics & Probability (8–12%) | Integrating Essential Skills (40–43%) | Modeling (>25%)


    45 Minutes     75 Questions

    Three reporting categories are addressed covering six elements of effective writing.

    Production of Writing (29–32%) - Topic Development , Organization, Unity, and Cohesion | Knowledge of Language (13–19%) - effective language use. | Conventions of Standard English (51–56%) - Sentence Structure and Formation , Punctuation, Usage.


    35 Minutes     40 Questions

    Skills required in biology, chemistry, Earth/space sciences and physics.

    Interpretation of Data (45–55%) | Scientific Investigation (20–30%) | Evaluation of Models, Inferences, and Experimental Results (25–35%)

    Writing Language

    40 Minutes     1 Prompt

    The optional writing section measures writing skills taught in high school English classes and in entry level college composition courses.Four domain scores- Ideas and Analysis | Development and Support | Organization | Language Use and Conventions


    35 Minutes     40 Questions

    The reading test assesses skills in three reporting categories.

    Key Ideas and Details (55–60%) | Craft and Structure (25–30%) | Integration of Knowledge and Ideas (13–18%)